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    How to Create the Perfect Green Screen Photo Booth (Part 1: Selecting a chromakey background)

    Creating the perfect green screen photo booth is difficult.  When you Google suggestions about “how to do green screen photos”, what pops up are suggestions and “rules” that don’t fit a green screen photo booth.  First, the authors say, keep subjects at least 6′ off the green screen background.  Next most important: use an even […]

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  • A participant at a Dallas area greenscreen photo booth

    A Rural Texas Kid On A Bike

    I don’t know his name, but over the course of the Skeeter Boat Owner’s Tournament, this kid wandered around riding his bike.  The bike looked fierce, and it was clear the kid enjoyed riding it. But at one point I looked up,and he was doing circles in my greenscreen photobooth area.  Hmmm.  Probably not a […]

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  • A collage of headshots from our Philadelphia Headshot photo booth

    Finding Your Photography Soul

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  • Photographer Mike Gatty directs participants at this Las Vegas green screen photo booth

    COVID-19 and Green Screen Photo Booths

    The path forward becomes clearer. With Tourette’s Notes! As the country looks toward opening up, one of our flagship clients, the Travel and Adventure Show, asked us to put together details of how our 20′ x 20′ green screen photo experience will look moving forward.  (Oh, geeze.  I can just imagine seeing myself on CNN:  […]

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    HBO / AT&T Dallas Green Screen Photo Booth

    The Kickoff events continue, now with a “Pick Your Series and Live It” Dallas green screen photo booth.  A private event held at the Intercontinental, participants will choose what HBO series they’d like to live.  New this year are scenes from Divorce, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Westworld, starring Anthony Hopkins, and an additional Game of […]

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