A Growing US Event Photos

Every year at this time, I work on updating web sites, bios, marketing, services — well, everything.  And, every year at this time, I end up thinking about where we’ve been, where we are going, and what is our story.
And, it dawned on me, most people don’t know our story.  It used to be, if you worked with us, you knew Mary Ann, my mom, and myself.  We were a team, working almost every job together.  So, if you knew one of us, you knew both of us.
A few years back, that changed.  Mom started to head up conference and convention photography services, and I took on green screen and larger events.  Part of that was because the business grew, and we just couldn’t work every job together — the jobs conflicted.
Still, here is the ADHD version of our story.  What is the ADHD version of our story?  READ:  SHORT.  Christ, bloggers can drone on and on and on and on and on about their topic.  I’ve tried to make this the thumbnail version. It’s written in 3rd person, as it was originally constructed for the bio section of our web site.
US Event Photos was born as a mother
and son team more than a decade ago. Then, when Mike met Matthew,
the team grew to a trio. When Melanie, Bob, and JD joined, things
grew again.
Mary Ann
Mary Ann, Mike’s mother, started a
company with her husband, Bob, called Gatty Communications when
Mike was in middle school. He’d come home, get a snack, and tell
Mary Ann about his day while perched on the stool in her darkroom,
bathed in the glow of a red safety light.
Mary Ann started shooting when Bob
shoved a camera in her hand and told her to get photos of then
Senator Ted Kennedy on Capitol Hill. Carter was President. And when
Kennedy came over to say hello to the reporter standing next to her,
Mary Ann kept clicking the shutter.
The reporter next to her was Bob
Woodrow, of the Washington Post, and suddenly Mary Ann’s career was
born. She’s photographed every President since Jimmy Carter.
Mike was sure he would NOT go into the
family business as he grew up. Through high school, college at the
University of Maryland, he wanted a different career. But that’s
not how it worked out.
When Bob, Mike’s dad,  needed photos of Ground Zero
on September 12, 2001, it was Mike who went and took the images.
Those were the last photos he ever took on film, and, his career was
Mike joined Mary Ann’s business,
renamed it “DC Event Photos”, and tailored everything to the
commercial event market. Soon, DC Event Photos became US Event
Photos, as the team started travelling the United States shooting
corporate events coast to coast.
Then Mike met Matthew on a photoshoot.
Trained as a news photographer in the military, he was also an avid
bike rider.
One day, when Mike was called to
photograph Lance Armstrong at a benefit ride outside of Washington,
DC, Matthew was standing at the rally, in the rain, next to his bike.
The two have been together ever since.
The Team
Mike and Matthew handle large event and
green screen photo executions, while Mary Ann heads up conference and
convention photography. They are joined by Melanie and Bob Rose, who
are the Las Vegas team (and another married couple), and JD Cantau,
who manages the Texas and hispanic markets — and is also the crew’s
bilingual photographer.
This past year, US Event Photos
branched out again, covering events internationally. And while the
world has become a very small place, the team never forgets the most
important thing:
To take great photos, you must love
people. All people. When your passion is people, the technology,
the craft, the art all combine to highlight the people’s story.

And we have many, many more stories to