Imagine a world without hate.

I’m tapping this out on my ipad from Leon, MX: but wanted to share it.  Every year my mom shoots ADL, the AntiDefamation League.  Every year, she meets this lady who survived the holocaust.  They’ve become friends.  Here is the pic from today.

Mom is on the right.
A simple message from a group focusing on peace.  And two people who have attacked bigotry in their own way: my mom, who has been an outspoken supporter of women’s issues, and who also has stood by me during the darkest, most hate filled hours in my early gay years.  I’ve seen her tell a client, point blank, that their homophobic message was hurtful.  It may have cost us a client or three, but a more courageous woman I’ve never known.  Times weren’t always like they are today.  And those clients can bite me, anyway.
Two survivors– and leaders.  Thanks, Mom.