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    Monitoring the Backwaters of the Chesapeake Bay

    Podcast host Mike Gatty chats with Shelly and Norman O’foran about their groundbreaking BOBs. Bobs — or Bay Observation Boxes — were developed by Norman using “Makerspace” open technology, and are low cost, easily deployable water monitors. Shelly — a retired English teacher — works with her husband to integrate the BOBS into their local […]

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  • Ben DeHan Music Podcast Episode

    Ben DeHan: Don’t Embrace the Fear

    Join Baltimore music sensation Ben DeHan in a heartfelt interview about rediscovering music and discovering love during COVID. Ben left his traditional job to start his own music group, and during that journey met his finance. When her mom dropped her cello off at their apartment, Ben's music -- and his life -- would never be the same. She became the one who whispers in his ear to not embrace the fear, and together they...

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  • Baltimore Podcast on Art, Entrepreneurs and Activists.

    Angela Schwartz: Finding Yoga Stillness (Audio)

    Yoga instructor Angela Schwartz sits with Mike in a far-reaching interview exploring yoga, stillness and breath. An old family friend, Angela began teaching yoga right before the pandemic, and when her yoga studio closed, she scrambled to find her community. She didn't just find a community, Angela built a community. She brought yoga enthusiasts together from across the world -- she brought yoga teachers together from all seven continents -- and launched the Day of International Yoga. Angela describes...

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  • Restaurant Review Thumbnail

    Tasty Tidbit: Half Smoked Restaurant Review

    Join Patterson Park Podcast host Mike Gatty in this Tasty Tidbit livestream of a quick restaurant review!  Now that COVID is letting us venture into restaurants, we'll bring you those Baltimore spots we like and those we love.  Tasty Tidbits are short and sweet livestreams highlighting our ecclectic artists, activists, entrepreneurs and FOOD SPOTS around Baltimore.

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    Miles Immler: Weathering the Storm (Audio)

    The third installment in our three part series on being Transgender in 2021. Join transgender pioneer Miles Immler with US Event Photos lead photographer and podcast host Mike Gatty as they cover what it's like to be transgender today. The recent spike in violence against trans women, how to come out to your romantic partner as a trans person, how to come out as trans at work, what to do if a family member (including your child) comes out...

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  • Miles Immler talks about growing up outside of Baltimore

    Miles Immler: The Best Birthday Ever (Audio Part 2: Growing Up Trans)

    Miles Immler joins Mike Gatty to tell a story of discovery, of realizing he was a trans man. Part 2 of a 3 part series, Miles details his journey to gender affirmation surgery, being outed at work, struggling through childhood and puberty, and finally, coming out on the other side. His birthday present to himself? The first surgery. It was the best birthday present ever.  If you are trans, a family member has come out as trans, or you...

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  • Shelley Brown Book Weird Girl Adventures

    Weekend Update featuring Shelley Brown

    Baltimore Author Shelley Brown joins Mike Gatty LIVE in the podcast studio to talk about her new projects: including a forthcoming book on June 22, 2021.

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  • Miles Immler is a transgender activists near Baltimore, MD

    Miles Immler: The Nicest Guy You’ll Ever Meet (Audio)

    Miles Immler, who grew up with Mike just outside of Baltimore, MD, is a transgender pioneer. In his quiet and humorous way, Miles takes Mike through what it means to be transgender in this first of a three part + series. Don’t know what the + stands for? You better watch the series. If you are growing up trans, have a family member who recently told you they were trans, have a friend who is trans, or just want...

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  • lambda rainbow flag

    Extra Special Tasty Tidbit: On Being Trans Today (Audio)

    Join Patterson Park Podcast host Mike Gatty on some background explanations about what it means to be LGBTQIA+ today. This brief talk is great background if your wondering what all those letters stand for, how the community looks towards history for affirmation, and where some of the most recognizable gay symbols of justice come from. It's a primer for anyone who is interested in the LGBTQIA+ community and will help you understand the intricacies of being lesbian, gay, bisexual,...

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  • Pariah Eyes Undies

    Extra Special Tasty Tidbit with Pariah Sinclair (Audio)

    Our first Extra Special Tasty Tidbit Livestream, join US Event Photos Owner and Podcast host Mike Gatty with Pariah Sinclair, Baltimore Drag Sensation. Streamed live on all our platforms, Pariah talks candidly about life as a drag queen, how Rupaul's Drag Race has impacted local performers, and "Barbie crotch". You just have to tune in to get details.

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