Convention photography.  Conference photography.  Trade Show photography.  Our cameras. Your story. National convention photographers offering live access of perfect, edited photos via our cloud. Access the photos we take like never before. We capture booths, crowds and speakers instantly. Tap into our cloud services for photos instantly delivered, or utilize our customized photo galleries for easy photo download, the only thing better than our convention photography is our unique instant delivery to you.  Here’s an example from a recent conference.

High profile speaker at your convention? No one has more experience with a high-profile meet and greet, or a national awards presentation.  Photos on stage or off, in front of a step and repeat or in the green room, we know what to take and how to take it.

Experience.  We’ve photographed every US President since Jimmy Carter, even Donald Trump.  Our photos have been displayed on the Jumbo Tron at Times Square.  They’ve been fed live to the displays hanging over AT&T Stadium.  Our images have hung in the offices of US Senators, right over their couch.  We’ve even been part of the entourage for visiting heads of state.

But even with all that experience behind us, we’re not your typical wooden photographers.  We’re FUNNY.  We love what we do.  During one meet and greet, Penn and Teller (well, Penn, Teller doesn’t speak) declared we were FUNNY.  So we must be.

Our experience let’s us relax and take great photos, even at the highest pressure event.  Those photos become part of your history, your corporate story, and we know they need to be great.

Last, our delivery process for the images we take is unique to our industry.  We capture, edit, and post photos within moments of the camera shutter’s click, and that means you’ll have access to those photos while the event is still unfolding.  In today’s fast paced social media world, wouldn’t it be great to have immediate access to photos that are creative, clean, edited.  Professional.  That’s what we provide:  photos that tell your story in real time.