Our Head Shot Photo Booths steal the show at conventions, conferences and trade shows.  Participants flock to have their photos created, and they love we take about 10 photos, touch them up, and email those head shots in high resolution.  All in about 5 minutes.  Our photographers engage participants during their mini-sessions, and know how to capture head shots that reflect the participant’s own style, brand and personality.  Check out our QR Photo Retrieval for touchless LIVE access to images.

What better time to do head shots for your team than when they are all together for a meeting?  With our portable head shot photo booth, also called a “headshot photo lounge”, the head shots we produce on location are indistinguishable from those taken in a traditional studio.

Our head shot photo booth with automatic touch up (headshot photo lounge with automatic touch up) re-imagines head shot corporate photography.  It is unique in the industry.  Our photographers engage each participant, help them pose at flattering angles, and spend time making sure everything is just right.  Still, the entire process only takes a few minutes.

Our head shot photo booth can be used at your offices,  letting your staff update their head shot in just a few minutes.  We can set up in a lobby, office, board room.  Almost anywhere.

Each headshot photo lounge session is a series of photos.  We talk and engage the participant as we take the images, helping them relax in front of the camera.  When we’re done, we export all the photos to the automatic touch up software.  The photos are processed, and sent to iPads we provide.  The participant picks the photos they like.  They can make a print of their favorite image.  Most importantly, they email their selected photos.

Participants have clean, edited, polished, studio head shots just moments after they pose.