• Miami green screen photo booth for Yamaha Outboards

    How the Pandemic Kills Creativity

    Chapter 1 I stood in front of the baggage carousel, luggage dropped and spun around, but mine are always last.  Not because I’m a glass half full kind of guy, but because my cases are huge and require special handling.  If they even come out on the regular belt.  Often, they drop across the vast […]

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  • Whoopi Goldberg and Overcoming Dyslexia Billboard

    Dyslexia, COVID-19, and The Business of Photography

    It took me one year to learn how to play the theme for Star Wars on my piano.  I was twelve.  I’d look at the music notes on the page, and it might have been written in hieroglyphics.  I couldn’t figure out how to pay attention to the left hand when the right hand was […]

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