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    COVID and Events: Uh-Oh, Attendance

    Events are coming back.  At least, they are beginning to come back.  For 2022.   2021, not so much. However, just as you thought our international collective nightmare of COVID, DELTA, and all things variant is winding down, and just as search traffic for keywords related to event planning is starting to tick back up, and […]

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  • green screen photo booth image to promote Westworld, Season 2.

    Pushing Creative Boundaries

    As COVID-19 continues to murder the event industry, we are all watching more television.  For me, I’m addicted to two shows:  RuPaul’s Drag Race and Project Runway.  Both contest-centered shows remind me of my dad’s most important rule of business: “If they want crap, give them crap.”  (I’ve actually changed the quote slightly to make […]

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