• US Event Photos at Palm Harbor Florida

    The Start of Something New: Part 4

    The cat meowed next to me, tired of being in the carrying case, tired of riding in the car.  The meowing became more and more intense.  He threw his body against the door of the crate, clawed at his sheepskin pad, howled at the top of his little cat lungs. His crate was perched on […]

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  • Baltimore Critters

    Finding Your Spark During COVID, CTL ALT DELETE

    Chapter 3 “It only takes a spark, to get a fire going/ and soon all those around / will warm up in it’s glowing.  That’s how it is with God’s love, blah blah blah blah blah, pass it on.” I am not a religious person; in fact, my beliefs venture into Bill Maher territory.  That […]

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  • Baltimore Front Porch Project by Mollye Miller

    Mollye Miller: Only with my Camera (Audio podcast)

    (Audio Podcast) Join US Event Photos owner and podcast host Mike Gatty as he talks Baltimore photography with local favorite Mollye Miller. We talk about her Front Porch Project, photographing Black Lives Matter protests, and telling stories through imaging by capturing emotion. It’s a heart felt discussion of art and creativity and continues our series of how creative people have adapted to the pandemic.

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  • Street Art in Patterson Park

    Launching the 743 Patterson Park Podcast

    In this time of COVID-19, focus on our immediate community is priority.  With that in mind, we’re launching a new podcast with a hyper-local focus on our surrounding neighborhood, the Patterson Park area of Baltimore.  Here’s the first installment of the Podcast: a short call to artists and community feedback about what they’d like to […]

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  • 10

    Customer Loyalty The Rock Star Approach: Part 2, Mario Andretti

    For part one of this series,  I recycled a rambling story about how I came to do so much business with Starwood Hotels — something like 1/5th of every night I have on earth is spent at a Starwood branded hotel.  Since 2006, I estimate I’ve spent $70,000 in their hotels.  (Yes, smart ass, that […]

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  • 28

    Brand, Customer Service, and Travel or The Best Real Housewife EVER!

    I fly a lot.  I mean — a lot.  I write this at an airport gate on July 28, 2016 and I’ve already qualified for next year’s A-list preferred on Southwest.  That means 50 flights in just under 8 months.  50.  And that doesn’t count last week’s emergency United flight from LAX; a flight that […]

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  • 06

    The Business of Photography Part 4: New Equipment and the story behind it. OR Make Photography Great Again.

    Warning:  if you are not a professional photographer or serious hobbyist, this is one of those boring posts.  Suck it up, buttercup!  My fellow photographers have been emailing me a few questions.  Time to provide a few answers.  If you are bored just read the (Tourettes notes).  I am funny. Every year, I schedule a break […]

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  • 04

    Bold Photography and 2016

    I just wrapped shooting a major conference in New York City.  Four long days, the theme of the executive event was simple: Be bold. That’s it.  Be bold.  More than 40 hours of shooting in four days, boiled down to two simple words. But it’s not as easy as you think.  Being bold inherently means […]

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  • 27

    The Importance of Team, Part 2

    In the last blog post, I ranted about my team — and how each of us brings something different to an experiential photo execution.  The union of those different benefits is one factor that makes our team so strong.  I said, for example, my mother brings decades of experience and vitality to her shoots, Melanie […]

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