The end of the Season

Today and tomorrow mark the last race of the Indycar season, and I write this from in back of the Honda tent while Matthew shoots.

For me, the end of the season is a mixed bag of emotions.  On one hand, we’ve done 14 races, roughly 40 days of shooting, and the feeling of accomplishment is tremendous.  On the other, attention immediately turns to next year: what will the season look like?  Will we (US Event Photos) come back for a third season?  Or will these  be my last days of, “OK!  Give me a thumbs up!”?
This year was amazing.  From the kickoff in St. Pete’s, FL, to the rains of Birmingham, AL, to the heat of Houston, TX (which I missed since I was in Mexico), day in and day out, we’ve done more than 20,000 photos.
One woman acted like she was giving birth in the race car.
One teddy bear grabbed the boob of one of my team mates (while posing in the race car).
One man had neon green nipple rings that matched his neon green tennis shoes.  (Be grateful, I couldn’t find that photo.)
I saw up more mini skirts than I care to remember.
What will next year bring?  Who knows.  But one thing is for sure:  Honda, Ashley, Michelle, Bobbie, Trevor, and Jeff will forever be friends.
Good bye, 2013.
This morning’s group shot (above)
A woman about to give birth?
WTF?  Who has this perverted teddy?
Houston.  I got this as a text message from Matthew.  On Sat the temp was tripple digits.  After this storm passed?  He needed a jacket.