The Photobooth Dilemma

There are so many options for capturing photos at events! Two weeks ago, I saw a cool HP display at the Indianapolis 500 where participants used their phone to click pictures with Turbo — the latest racing movie snail– and print wirelessly on a couple of HP printers.  Right from their phone.

Very cool…

But was it?  How we’ll did it actually work?

For iPhone users– like me — it worked well. Sort of. For other smart phone users, they had to download an ap before printing.  According to the booth workers, no one wanted to do that.  Oops.  But what about the photo quality?  HP was smart enough to set up some Cowboy Studios video lights.  But the photos themselves were pretty bad.  Why? For one, I was yellow.  Those video lights.  iPhones can only white balance so much.  Good job I’m not sensitive about my skin tone!

And that’s my gripe with “attendant staffed” photo booths.  They are fine for a silly snap shot, and there is certainly a place for that.  But if you want really great photos, I’ve yet to see a photo booth that can deliver.  If you want your brand coupled with an image the participant really like, An image they value, I strongly believe you need to move beyond the booth.