How Dad was right: Part 2 of Working with Family (Fighting with Family)

In honor of Father’s Day, it’s time to tell the second part of my story.  And while I may not even get a chance to call my dad today (I’m on a flight to Orlando), I am thinking of him.  And, I wanted to share a story.

We were in a cab in Las Vegas, heading from one event to another. Both events were conferences my dad managed the show daily for (and still does).  We were talking about competition in Washington, DC among photographers.

The Washington Post had laid off their staff photographers.  Competition in DC was fierce.  Photographic rates went from $100 / hour to less than $50 / hour.  I was hurting.

“What if,” said my dad, “you started marketing in other cities?  Bundle the expenses into the rate. Charge what you need to charge, but have a minimum number of hours.  That way, you can make your target rate — but the compromise is you’d have to travel.”

“I love to travel.”

“Well, there you go.”

US Event Photos was born.  Right in a cab, enroute between the Las Vegas Hilton and the newly minted Mandalay Bay.

And my dad was so right.  http://www.USeventPhotos.com