Summer Travel Tips

I travel a lot.  As in, I’ve already re-qualified for NEXT YEAR’S companion pass on Southwest.  That’s a lot.

And I go into complete meltdown if there is one ounce of bouncy flesh on my body.  We’ve all been there:  sitting at home, catching up on the latest “True Blood”, and…
“…what???  what is that??? as you pinch your stomach and a roll of fat protrudes between your fingers.
Travel and fat ratio go hand in hand.  Airport food sucks.  Between Branson, MO and (where did I used to fly in on Southwest?) Bumfuck, MO there is one McDonalds and a diner on a 3 hour drive.  
So, how to eat healthy?
First, airport sushi isn’t going to kill you.  In fact, it’s usually GOOD.  I’m not lying.  Stay away from the fried cream cheese volcano roll (I hate eel anyway), and, bingo, you are good to go.
When pressed, grab almonds and a Fiji water.  At Starbucks?  Fruit and a greek yogurt.  In Birmingham?  That barbecue joint is FAAAB.  Ft. Lauderdale? The greek place is a must — and the filet on the bob is to die for.  LAX (Southwest’s terminal)?  A chicken taco (less the crap) at the Mexican joint in the middle of the terminal is GOOD.  Orlando?  The Bahama Sushi joint is GREAT, but keep to the sushi.
I always get to my terminal 2 hours ahead: first, to avoid luggage issues.  Second, to eat and stock up on food for the flight.  Plus, I write this blog.  
And here’s my last summer travel tip:  your airplane row mate (who was to cheap to do Early Board Booking and now is wedged into the center seat, hogging the arm rest) does not appreciate the smell of cold fast food OR tuna fish while you stuff your face in flight.  That, and don’t watch porn on your iPad.  Just a thought.

Seared Ahi Tuna in Orlando at weird Jamaican / Bahama/ Island Food place