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    Where Events Stand Now: April, 2022

    I’ve stopped checking the New York Times COVID Tracker every morning. I’ve stopped looking at every little bit of COVID news, and trying to read the tea leaves about how tiny COVID changes might impact events moving forward. The reason why is simple.  At some point last month, there was a fundamental change in people, […]

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  • Covid and Events 5

    IS IT OVER? How COVID Continues to impact events

    With OMICRON infection rates plummeting across the country, US Event Photos Lead Photographer Mike Gatty takes a look at the event industry and travel across the country. Live from Greenville, SC and Bassmasters 2022, Mike explores how COVID continues to impact events and travel as we move into a new phase of the pandemic.

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  • Omicron Testing Alert

    Omicron Testing Alert!

    According to the LA Times, it is possible to be infections with OMICRON before testing positive for the virus. Event planners should not rely solely on negative PCR or Lateral Flow testing to keep attendees safe. Mike also takes a look at isolation periods after testing positive.

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    Omicron and Events: Vaccinate, boost, mask & see you at the event.

    Every morning starts the same.  It’s like the loop the robots live in HBO’s Westworld.  Except, my loop is:  wake up.  Feed Kat.  Start coffee.  Back to bed.  Grab iPad.  Open up New York Times COVID tracker.  Then, the CNN news application.  Then the Apple News application.  Then Facebook, LinkedIn, and finally Google My Business.  By […]

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  • Omicron Silver Lining

    Covid and Events: Omicron Silver Lining?

    Host Mike Gatty examines the OMICRON variant, and what less severe illness, lower death rates -- but a more transmissible virus -- might mean for event planning in early 2022.

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    Covid and Events: OMICRON PANIC

    As the Omicron variant sweeps the world, travel and events went into meltdown. Then, the data started coming in and cooler heads are prevailing.

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  • Covid and Events Podcast: How much vaccine is enough?

    How Much (Vaccine) is enough?

    This week, Mike examines what our vaccination rate should be to prevent infection surges and runaway infections.

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  • Case Climb Benign?

    Covid and Events: Case Climb Benign?

    While cases rose 10% in the United States over the past two weeks, hospitalizations remain steady. Mike examines if we're moving into a new phase of the pandemic, where higher case numbers reflect less severe illness and may result in fewer future disruptions to events and event planning.

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  • COVID and Events Episode 5

    COVID and Events: Health Protocols Disconnect

    Mike explores why event participation remains dramatically soft in the last months of 2021 -- and a disconnect between the health protocols event goers expect, and what event planners want to require.

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  • COVID and Events 4

    Covid & Events Episode 4

    Mike examines the recent rise in COVID cases in California and what that may mean for events; loosening of restrictions on international travel.

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