Upgrade is my favorite word.

Now, with the hotel from hell in  my rear view mirror, and sprawled comfortably on my $3,000 space foam bed, it’s time to examine my shopping habits.  In fact, my living habits.

Let’s take that bed.  It all started six years ago.  Keep in mind business was much slower at that point, mainly consisting of shooting meetings on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.  Matt and I had bought a new bed six months prior, and it promptly sagged in the middle.
While I was shooting a job, cell phone rings.  “Mike, I’m at the furniture store.  They have this really cool memory foam platform bed, but it’s $3,000.”
“Buy it!”
“It’s $3,000!”
“Just buy it!”
And we did. And every day I’m home I crawl into bed and say, “Thank you Jesus for this bed.” before falling into a dreamless sleep.
And that’s how I run the business.  I’m always trying to find equipment that takes everything to the next level.  I hate green screens that pull tight using big metal spring clamps.  Enter scrims. (read: expensive).   I hate having iPads for social networking balanced on hotel high tops.  Ordered: collapsable counters you can fit in a special backpack.  I despise old technology.  Do you know I buy myself a new laptop EVERY YEAR? Actually, I buy at least two.  This year, I bought 6.  It’s not just me any more.
So, money comes in, money goes out.  Money comes in again, and VIOLA! Must have new blue tooth portable surround sound speaker system with optional leather carrying case.
Sigh.  And I trace it back to that $3,000 memory foam, tested in space, bed that the NASA astronauts sleep on.  And, thank you Jesus. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…..
New 16 foot #greenscreen scrim on c-stands.  Pretty, huh?  Now, of course, I need another.