• Matthew Frey Photographer

    The Start of Something New: Part 2

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  • Miami green screen photo booth for Yamaha Outboards

    How the Pandemic Kills Creativity

    Chapter 1 I stood in front of the baggage carousel, luggage dropped and spun around, but mine are always last.  Not because I’m a glass half full kind of guy, but because my cases are huge and require special handling.  If they even come out on the regular belt.  Often, they drop across the vast […]

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  • Hillary Clinton meets Lech Walesa at the US Senate

    When You’re Sitting Next to a President Chapter 2

    Chapter 2 My chicken phone clucked as I stepped from the US Capitol into the bright sunshine of a perfect summer evening. On the line was Thomasz (Americanized to Thomas) Pompowski, and he told me he was a reporter for FAKT News, out of Warsaw, Poland. I’m ADHD.  The noise from the street, Thomas’ soft […]

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  • Arnold Schwarznegger as Mr. Universe

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

    As the months tick by under the shadow of COVID-19, and schedules are still on hold, it’s easy to think our time as event professionals has ended.  It’s hard to remain hopeful when you look at the news.  Daily your bank account shrinks, and politicians either focus on their re-election, or worry about the postal […]

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